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I hope that my catering staff can be of service to you. I have helped make wedding days special for many years now catering wedding cakes, groom’s cakes and Hors d’oeuvres. I also make cash and carry trays for the budget minded folks. I know how hard it is to stay within a small budget and to keep the costs down, I offer a variety of options. The best option I have found is a package of your basic catering services I have listed as Wedding Package. This isn’t the only service I can offer. Please let me know your budget and I will work with you to get the most of your money and fulfill your needs on your special day.

Please look around my website and email or call me with questions or concerns.


Donna Williams


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1. Hor d'oeuvres Only

2. Small Event & Business Catering Catering


1. Hor d'oeuvres Only


WANT MORE FOOD? - For those wishing to supplement the occasion with an emphasis toward food, we can provide an array of hor d'oeuvres ranging from gourmet delights to simple delicacies. Please refer to the hor d'oeuvres list for suggestions and prices. I will be happy to suggest menus that will remain within your budget. Listed Below is just a sampling. Don't see what you are looking for? Ask me!

1. BUDGET FOOD: Hors d'oeuvres without the service of a caterer. This is an at cost for food for those on a limited budget. You can order the hors d'oeuvres at food only cost but will not have the service of a caterer for serving and replenishing. If you are just pinched for pennies but want all the good stuff, this may possibly be an option for you. This option does not include the table linens and does not include any clean up. We will come, set everything up and leave it in your hands. We will pick up our items at a later time. You would be responsible for all items belonging to this company until a pickup is arranged. All food would be set out on serving trays and arranged on service tables for you in any setup you choose. This does not include utensils, plates, cups or napkins.

2. Full Service Hor d'oeuvres: Full service catering of Hor d'oeuvres includes cloth linens on service tables, staff to set up, replenish and take down service tables, silver serving trays or chafing dishes and utensils, plates, napkins and cups. This service begins at the moderate price of $2.50 per person plus the at cost of the food listed below on the menus.

Hors d'oeuvres (See menus below for Breakfast/Dinner/Lunch)

Want something that isn't listed below? Just ask and I can accommodate most requests.

Cost Per Person Per Item

Wedding Punch .45 each guest


  1. Mini Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
  2. Open Faced Sandwiches
  3. Mini Bagels, Cream Cheese Topped with Dill Weed
  4. Roll-ups Salami and Mozzarella Cheese
  5. Swedish Meatballs
  6. Spinach hors d' oeuvre's (quiche without crust)
  7. Italian Meatballs
  8. Assorted Homemade Cookies
  9. Homemade Dessert Breads
  10. Homemade Fudge
  11. Gourmet Bread Logs
  12. Seafoam Candy (divinity)
  13. Custom shaped Mints


  1. Cheese Cubes with Frill Picks
  2. Cheese Wafers or Slices


Coffee Service - $95


  1. Raw Vegetables and Dip
  2. Egg Salad Supreme (egg salad mold surrounded with parsley, covered with sour cream.)
  3. Sliced Ham Tray with Homemade Sweet and Sour Dough Bread
  4. Buffalo Wings and Dip (3 per person)
  5. Jet Fresh Pineapple Boat - Filled with pineapple chunks
  6. Fresh Fruit Tray (Mellon, Strawberries, grapes, apples) Caramel Dip, extra .15 each - Yogurt dip extra at .10 each (Fondue pot provided for dipping.)
  7. Hawaiian Fruit Platter (Pictured above) with pineapple, watermelon, grapes, add coconut for that tropical flavor.


  1. Watermelon Basket
  2. Creamed Spinach Artichoke Dip with White Corn Chips, Salsa and Sour Cream
  3. V.I.P. Coffee Station  


  1. Gourmet Fetta Cheese or Dill Cheese Spread and crackers
  2. Hot Spinach/Artichoke Dip/Crackers
  3. Assorted Cube Cheese
  4. Strawberries with chocolate fondue  


  1. Pineapple chunks surrounded by grapes and strawberries
  2. Cheese Ball/Crackers
  3. Knorr Spinach Dip/Crackers


  1. Stuffed Crab
  2. Crab Cakes


  1. Marinated Chilled Whole Shrimp/Cocktail Sauce


  1. Spanokapedia (Spinach and cheese in a Greek pastry)
  2. Stuffed Mushroom/Italian Sausage and Cream Cheese with garlic
  3. Rumaki-Chicken Livers wrapped in Bacon
  4. Mini Quiche (assorted)
  5. New potatoes cut in half topped with
    • Sour cream & caviar
    • Sour kraut, corned beef, and Jack cheese
    • Creamed spinach, bacon, and Feta cheese


  1. Curried Chicken Salad on Triscuit topped with Sour Cream and Walnuts
  2. Stuffed Mushrooms (Bread Stuffing or Creamed Spinach)
  3. Minced Mushrooms in Toast Cups
  4. Chicken Salad Finger Sandwiches
  5. Fresh Fruit Bars
  6. Bacon wrapped almond stuffed dates
  7. Stuffed Snow Peas with Ranch Flavored Cream Cheese
  8. Tortilla Pinwheels with Seasoned Cream Cheese and Grilled Vegetables or Meats
  9. Cream Cheese Sweet Onion and Pepper Relish Stuffed Endive



DEPOSIT AND FINAL PAYMENT: A 25% deposit is required to hold a date. The total balance is due two weeks prior to the event.

MINIMUM*: A $480.00 food and beverage minimum is required for any catered event. (See My catering for small events and trays page for other options for smaller occasions).

CANCELLATION: The 25% deposit will not be refunded when a client cancels the booked event.

You will be required to sign a release of liability before the event.

PLANNING: After we receive a client's deposit, suggestions for activities; i.e., photographers, florists, entertainment and other information will be discussed to make the event planning easier.

TIMES: Events are based on a four-hour maximum, requiring a 2-hour food set up, a 1.5-hour food service and a half-hour clean up. Some events require more time; consequently, additional service will be billed at a rate of $15 per employee per hour.

BARS: At this time, I do not offer bar services.

other expenses

PERSONNEL: One bus person is required for every 100 guests at a flat rate of $50. Additional bus persons may be added to an event if the layout of a particular facility required more effort. Chefs to man pasta stations are $50 each. Events requiring extensive cooking on site will be charged an $80 chef fee. Cake and punch servers will be charged at a rate of $40 each.

RENTAL**: If additional equipment is needed, such as china, linens for guest tables, etc., you will be responsible for the "at cost" of these items. Our consultant can make the event as formal or as casual as one desires.

FINAL COUNT: Two weeks prior to your event, we will need a final guest count. The balance due will be based upon this final count. You may increase your guest count within the two-week period prior to event, but there is a $.25 surcharge for each person added.

Gratuity is neither charged nor expected for our service.
*9.25% State and local sales tax will be added to the total bill.

** Disposable plates along with plastic cups, knives, forks, and spoons are included in the menu price. Disposable upgrades are available for an additional charge. Crystal plates and cups and silver flatware are available for formal receptions and sit-down dinners or luncheons at an additional cost.



Buffet Style Catering - Dinner Banquets, Dinner Meetings, etc.

  Buffet-Style Catering includes the following:

Walk through buffet with heated serving trays, serve yourself lines, plastic-ware, plastic plates, plastic cups, napkins. Includes Tea, water and coffee. This includes setup, maintenance on the serving lines and clean up. Please see other costs in the company policy above for possible extra expenses.

Prices range from $6.50 - $14+ per person depending on menu, number in party and services needed. Boxed lunches also available. Please see above menu for additional items.

You can choose: 1 Meat, 2 Veg., salad, bread, and dessert. Drinks included.

Special rates for breakfast buffets depending on menu wanted. Please ask.

Dinner/Lunch Meats - Gourmet meatballs, meatloaf, roast beef, chicken tenders, sliced ham/turkey, BBQ, hamburgers, hotdogs, baked crab cakes, stuffed crabs, glazed chicken, spaghetti with meat sauce, tortellini and marinara sauce, spinach and cream bowtie pasta.  I can make most foods, so don't be afraid to ask for things not listed here.

Breakfast Meats - Bacon, Sausage Links, Sausage Patties, Pork Chops, Breaded steak Biscuits.

Vegetables - green beans, corn on/off cob, baked potatoes, fries, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, macaroni and cheese, peas, spinach puffs, cold vegetables, vegetable dip, rice, chips, baked beans, spinach artichoke dip with tortillas.

salad - coleslaw, Caesar, dinner salad, fruit salad, Hawaiian delight salad, pasta salad

bread - homemade biscuits, rolls, sliced gourmet breads, tea cakes, crackers. Dipping Bread Oil.

drinks - tea, coffee and water. Sodas are available upon request. Special diabetic drinks are also available upon request.

dessert - cakes, pies, pudding, ice cream sundae bar. Yogurt and low fat options are available.

Heated Chaffing pans are included in cost. You supply kitchen on location. If no kitchen is available, the menu will be limited to Hors d'oeuvres.



DESSERT TRAYS and PANS: See Gourmet Page.

You customize the menu. Don't be afraid to ask for items not mentioned here. This is just a general idea menu.

Chaffing Pans and special dishes/flatware are extra or you may supply these at no charge. If you want to keep any of the trays, they are priced at $3 per tray for plastic trays.

*Discounts are  given for locations with buffets already on premises.





                   EMAIL: donna@knoxcalvary.com or dcw014@aol.com for free quote or for more information!